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Behaviour Expectations 

Creating the best conditions for learning: Good Behaviour

'The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.'  (OFSTED 2017) 


'Pupils understand the importance of behaving well and respond excellently to the high expectations of staff.’  (OFSTED 2017)


‘As one pupil said 'We have rules in the school and everyone knows that the rules are there to make sure we are safe. Why would anyone not follow them?''  (OFSTED 2017)


‘The level of respect and care is central to the way that pupils behave and respect each other. Established routines are understood and, no time is wasted in lessons. All pupils want to do well.’  (OFSTED 2017)



Outstanding behaviour is essential at school, to enable children and their peers to learn effectively individually and collaboratively.

We insist on high standards of behaviour so that all children come to school feeling happy, safe and ready to learn. This is achieved by a clear behaviour policy and consistent re-enforcement of positive behaviour.

We always seek to promote good behaviour inside and outside the classroom to enable our children to be responsible and caring individuals. To foster positive behaviour children are rewarded through Good News certificates, Globe Award Cards, the lunchtime Golden Table, special privileges and taking responsibilities within the school community.

Occasionally, a child may not adhere to these values. In order to develop a child’s learning behaviour or their understanding of responsibility to the school community sanctions are given. If a child continues to misbehave repeatedly or if their behaviour is rather more serious, then the Head of School will ask parents to come to school to talk about the inappropriate behaviour and how it can be resolved. Additionally, in some circumstances the school will use outside agencies to support children, families and the school with behaviour issues. Finally, in extreme circumstances children may be excluded for a fixed number of days or permanently. 

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Ways to support your child’s behaviour in school

Good Manners at Globe

We teach our children to be polite to others and explicitly teach them what good manners look like.  Here are our good manners expectations.

Being Polite and Respectful at Globe

Globe Rights Respecting Values

These are the rights which the whole school community have chosen and which we all respect. These underpin our actions and children are praised for respecting these rights and reminded of them when they do not.

Our values are based on articles from the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. 


Globe Values are for all children and adults in our school.

Adults in our school respect children’s rights and always act in their best interest. (Articles 2 and 3)


We respect that all children have rights and should always be treated fairly. (Article 2)


We respect the right to feel safe in body and mind. (Article 19)


We respect everyone’s right to be heard and listened to. (Article 12)


We respect the right to learn, the right to develop our talents and abilities and to let others enjoy their learning. (Article 23 and 29)


We respect children’s right to play, rest, join in and choose their own friends. (Article 15 and 31)


We respect the right to be in a safe, clean environment. (Article 24 and 29)



 Our Rights Respecting Playground Charter

  • This is our Playground Charter, an agreement between staff and children to make playtimes active, happy, safe and rights respecting. Children voted on which rights from the United Nations Convention of the Child were most relevant within the playground. From this, staff and children all contributed to what actions they needed to take in order that these rights are always respected. This Playground Charter is displayed throughout our playground and in all classrooms so that we can always refer to it.

Click here to read Our Playground Charter.

 Our Keeping Safe Charter

This was introduced when we returned to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is an agreement between staff and children about what we will all do to help keep each other safe within the new control measures that were introduced to prevent the spread of the virus.

Click here to read Globe's Keeping Safe Charter.