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Our Governing Body

What is a Governing Body?

Our Governing Body works in close partnership with the headteacher, staff and the local authority.

Whilst the headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, the governors are involved with such things as staffing, curriculum, school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives. All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to ensure that the school can be as successful as it can be.

The structure of our Governing Body is:

1 Staff Governor, 6 Co-opted Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, 5 Parent Governors and the Headteacher.

The standard term of office for a Governor is four years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

The Chair of Governors is Mr John Edwards, who can be contacted via the school office.

Much of the work of the Governing Body is done by committees. At Globe, we have the following committees:

  • Human Resources Committee - Chaired by Cathy Philips.
  • Curriculum and Standards Committee - Chaired by John Edwards.
  • Finance and Premises Committee - Chaired by John Edwards.

Click here for an up-to-date list of Governor responsibilities and which committee each Governor sits on.

What is a Governor's Role?

Our Governors are the strategic leaders of our school and have a vital role to play in ensuring every child gets the best possible education.

Governing bodies have a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Setting Strategic Direction 

The Governing Body is the key strategic decision-making body of our school. It is their role to set the school's strategic framework and to ensure all statutory duties are met.

Our Governing Body should ensure that we have a medium and long-term vision for our future. The Governing Body ensures that there is a robust strategy in place for achieving its vision.

Holding the Headteacher to Account
Our Governing Body works to support and strengthen the leadership of the head teacher and hold her to account for the day-to-day running of the school, including the performance management of teachers. Governing bodies should play a strategic role and avoid routine involvement in operational matters. It should focus strongly on holding the head teacher to account for exercising her professional judgement in these matters and of all other duties.

Overseeing the Financial Performance of the School
Our Governing Body is responsible for making sure the school's money is well spent. They do this by making sure they have at least one governor with specific skills and experience of financial matters, and by asking questions such as:

  • Are we allocating our resources in line with our strategic priorities?
  • Are we making full use of all our assets and efficient use of all our financial resources?
  • How do we compare with similar schools?
  • How can we get better value for money from our budget?

DFE Governance Handbook - January 2017 Update

Meet our Governors

John Edwards – Chair of Globe Governing Body

Chair of Finance and Premises Committee

Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee

Link Governor for Attendance and Punctuality.

I became a governor at Globe School in 2000 and have been Chair of Governors since 2001. 

I was born in Maidstone, Kent and came to London in 1984 to study Politics at City Poly (now London Met). I went on to stand in student elections and became Vice President and President of the Students' Union. I also studied at LSE and obtained a Masters in Housing. 

Many years ago, I decided I was keen to do something for the local community. I have always been interested in Politics and in particular Education and so I decided to apply to be a school governor. Becoming a governor at Globe was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Away from Globe, I am a Manager working for a charitable Housing Association called Cass and Claredale which has two buildings - one in Hackney and another in Bethnal Green which I manage. We house University students who are studying degrees in London. The building I run houses 246 students.
Besides being passionate about primary school education, I also have lots of other interests. I love football and am a big Chelsea fan, having supported them since 1970! I have a season ticket at Stamford Bridge and go to all the home matches. I also love going to comedy shows, the theatre, art exhibitions and gigs. I play the drums and sing and have played in a band for many years that have had their songs played on BBC Radio and the band also once toured France.
Apart from being obsessed with music and Chelsea FC, I also think laughter is a really important part of life and I always try to ensure that I laugh as much as I can, even if Chelsea lose!


Pelin Roberts – Parent Governor

Vice Chair of Governing Body

Link Governor for Pupil Premium Funding

My name is Pelin Roberts. I am your Parent Governor.

I have 2 children at Globe School, one currently in Year 2 and the other in Reception.

The reason I became a parent governor is that since my children started at Globe School I was so impressed by their progress, by our school ethos and with the friendly, dedicated staff. I am pleased to be a contributor in this happy learning environment that is provided to our school children.

I am also an active member and the Treasurer of our school PTA, called FOGS (Friends of Globe School). You may see me at school on Saturdays helping running the Saturday Club, setting up/cleaning up the halls for events and mostly running around with a bag of change and charging parents for entry!

As well as being a governor, treasurer and a mother, I have a full-time job in Accounting. The skills and experiences I have gained through my job are useful with my roles as a governor and treasurer at the school.


Fathimathuz Rofe – Local Authority Governor

I am a Local Authority Governor.

I am married and have two beautiful daughters. Also I’m a part time PA. I currently sit on the Curriculum Committee and Pay and Personnel Committee.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, travelling, reading, IT, cooking, going to zumba classes and spending time with my family. Many of you will have seen me in the playground at school. 


Jacqueline Frost – Local Authority Governor

I joined the governing body as a Parent Governor when my daughter was five years old.

She is now 25 years old so this must say something about Globe School and the value and enjoyment I get out of being a governor. During my time at Globe I have been the Deputy Chair and Chair of Governors, SEN Governor and Chair of the Pay and Personnel Committee. I have seen the school through several changes over the years and feel that the school is in a stronger position now than it ever has been.  

I work in public housing for another London borough as a team manager so I feel I can bring these skills to Globe in terms of the governors monitoring role and being a support to the Head and teaching staff at Globe. I take particular pride in the Language Unit at Globe which I believe adds a special quality to the school and the pupils in it. Our pupil’s attitudes and behaviour is always mentioned in Ofsted reports as regards inclusion because our pupils really understand what it means. It is this that makes me proud to be a governor at Globe. 


Cathy Philips – Co-opted Governor

Chair of Human Resources Committee 

Link Governor for Safeguarding

I have been a community governor at Globe School since 2009 when I retired.

I came to Tower Hamlets 41 years ago as a primary school teacher. I have been a deputy head and a headteacher in the area and wanted to continue having some involvement in education in Tower Hamlets.

I got to know Globe School when I became temporary headteacher for half a term in 2004. I was impressed with the children and their attitude to the school. I was keen to support the school as I have watched it go from strength to strength in recent years.

I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs, the safeguarding of children and the arts. 


Colin Wadsworth - Parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor in late 2017. 

I grew up in Glasgow and moved to London in 1999 to work in the music industry as an audio technician and driver. I later worked as an engineer with the BBC and I’m now a freelance video editor - a job where I get to combine my interest in technology with my creativity. After work and my family, my main interest is in performing, composing and listening to music. My wife and I moved to Bethnal Green in 2004 and we have been parents at Globe since 2011. We have two children, Ruben in Year 6 and Freddy in Year 3.  

I instigated and help to run the Saturday Club at Globe on Saturday mornings. I was Co-Chair of Friends of Globe School for a short time and now help out with FOGS when time allows (usually making badges at the summer fair!). I am very community-minded and love the sense of community Globe gives me and my family. I want to see all the children at Globe fulfil their potential in all areas so they can live productive, happy and fulfilling lives. I’m very pleased to serve as a Parent Governor at Globe and hope to do my bit to make this great school even better. I would encourage any parent with any ideas about how the school can improve to come and speak to me and I will do my best to help.


Cosima Cole - Parent Governor

My name is Cosima Pole and I became a Parent Governor in November 2018.

I grew up in London and Suffolk. I am a bit of an advocate for doing things differently. Out of choice I didn’t go to university after my A-levels and instead started my first business, which was lots of fun and took me around the world. In 1999 I started Creature Clothes Ltd – the business I still run today, designing and making products for pets and people. I employ a team of five in our workshop where we make all of our products. I also work with Social Enterprise groups in Tower Hamlets and Hackney. I can often be seen lugging boxes of interesting offcuts into school to be used in art projects (sorry Terry…). I am a big believer in reusing and recycling.

I help to run the Arts and Crafts Group at Globe’s Saturday Club and love sharing the skills I have picked up during my career with the kids.

I have epilepsy and have worked with the Epilepsy Society to break down the stigma attached to seizures by publicly speaking about my life with epilepsy.

I love to spend time in Victoria Park with my husband Nick, our children and our dog Goose. All of my free time is devoted to my kids when I am not working. Yoga, sports, travel, music, gigs, laughing and having fun are what I love, and I am always on the look-out for our next exciting family adventure.

My daughters (one in Y6 and one in Y4) are very proud to be Globe School pupils.


Rafia Khatun - Parent Governor

My name is Rafia Khatun, I have two boys who attend Globe.

I am a full-time mum and I try to take any opportunity to be involved with my children's learning and participate in activities or events that I can.

Professionally I was a primary school teacher. I hope to go back to work.

Teaching is an exciting and challenging profession and my passion is to work with children with Special Educational Needs.


Danielle Harrington - Co-opted Governor

My name is Danielle and I became a governor at Globe at the end of 2019. 

I was born in Ipswich in Suffolk, moved to Essex, came to London to study Maths at Kings College and have lived in Tower Hamlets for the last 10 years. I was lucky to have great schools and wonderful teachers growing up, which gave me my love of learning and made me keen to be involved with education if I could be. My mother-in-law and sister are school governors and said that it is one of the best things that they have ever done, so I decided to apply to Globe School!

I work as an Actuary for an insurance company in central London. In my spare time I like to watch box sets with my husband and my cat, go for walks around Victoria Park and practice yoga. Please come and say hello if you see me around, I am looking forward to meeting lots of you and getting to know more people in my community.


Gill Ruskin - Staff Governor


Linda Bryan - Co-opted Governor

Link Governor for Special Educational Needs and Children in Public Care

I joined the Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor in May 2017.  I had been wanting to support the school since I started bringing my grandchildren to school on a regular basis, and being a governor felt like the perfect role. I have been very impressed with the organisation, the emphasis on teaching and learning, and the happy children at Globe and I am very happy to be part of it.

I bring over 20 years experience in education as a class teacher, inclusion manager, deputy head and headteacher to the role, along with a real understanding of the East End, having been born and brought up in Stepney.

I am now retired and so have time to fill, which I do by, among other things, spending time with my grandchildren and now being a Governor.


James Purnell - Parent Governor

Governing Body Register of Business Interests

Name of Governor

Governor in another

educational establishment

Declaration of any

relevant business interests

Declaration of any

relationships between Governor and

school staff

John Edwards  No None  None 
Pelin Roberts  No None  None 
Cathy Philips  No None  None
Jacqueline Frost  No None  None 
Fathimathuz Rofe  No None  None 
Colin Wadsworth   No None  None 
Rafia Khatun  No None  None
Linda Bryan  No  None None 
Lubna Fariduddin   No  None None 
Gill Ruskin No None None
Cosima Pole No None None
Danielle Harringtom No None None
James Purnell

Governing Body - Term of Office

Category of Governor
Term of office start date
Term of office end date
Ms Jackie Frost
Ms Cathy Phillips
Mrs Fathimathuz Rofe
Mrs Marie Maxwell
Executive Headteacher
Mr John Edwards
Local Authority
Ms Lubna Fariduddin
24/11/2019 - ended
Ms Rafia Khatun
Ms Cosima Pole
Mr Colin Wadsworth
Ms Pelin Roberts
Ms Linda Bryan
Ms Gill Ruskin
Ms Danielle Harrington
Mr James Purnell

Governing Body Meetings, Minutes and Visits

The full Governing Body meets six times each year and each committee meets 3 to 4 times per year. 

Agendas are prepared in advance and minutes of each meeting are taken. Minutes are not published on the school website due to confidential items contained therein. Copies of minutes can be requested through the school office.

Governors visit the school on a regular basis in order that they can see school improvement actions at first hand. This is one of the methods they use to evaluate the impact of our school development plan. A report is written following each Governor visit. 

Governors solicit the views of parents through their annual parent questionnaire. Outcomes from these questionnaires are found on the ‘Parent View' page of this website.

Each July the Governing Body holds an Annual General Meeting for Parents where they report on the progress of the school. 

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017/2018

Governor Attendance at Full Governing Meetings and Committee Meetings 2018-2019 


Full Governing Body

(6 meetings)

Finances &

Premises Committee

(4 meetings)

Curriculum & Standards Committee 

(3 meetings)

 Pay & Personnel Committee

(3 meetings)

John Edwards  4/6  3/3 2/3   2/3
Pelin Roberts 6/6   3/3  3/3  3/3
Cathy Philips  4/6  -  -  3/3
Jacqueline Frost  4/6  2/3  -  2/3
Fathimathuz Rofe  5/6  2/3  3/3  3/3
Rafia Khatun  4/6  -  -  -
Giles Newell 5/6 - 2/3 -
 Gill Ruskin  5/6  -  3/3  -

Linda Bryan

5/6 - 2/3  -

Lubna Fariduddin

 4/6  -  -  -

Colin Wadsworth

4/6 - - -

Cosima Pole

5/6 - 2/2 -

 Marie Maxwell

6/6 3/3 3/3   3/3

 Terry Joy

6/6   3/3 3/3  3/3 

Governing Body Annual Report to Parents