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Year 3 and Year 4 Curriculum Topics

Year Three and Year Four  Curriculum Overviews are found in the links below.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020

Year 3 Maths Overview

Year 4  Maths Overview

Click on the link below for our 'Written Calculations Policy' which outlines which calculations methods are taught in each year group.

Maths Written Calculations Policy

Each term we go on an exciting ‘Journey around the Globe’ to learn all about our incredible world. We visit past and present times and places, meet new people, ask questions and learn lots of new things. Are you ready?  Let’s get started then!

Please scroll down for 2018/2019 topics.


Autumn Term 2019 - Explore the Centre of the Earth

To being the year we set off on our first learning journey where we will travel deep into the centre of the earth

In Geography we learn about the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water. We learn what a continental drift is and what the earth is made up of and what happens when the earth’s plates move. We find out about volcanoes and what happened to Pompeii.


In Design and Technology  we become bakers and design and make some biscuits! We carry out research and analyse the results of our research. We suggest ways of changing a basic biscuit recipe to create something delicious!


In Art we learn more about how to handle powder paints and colour mix. We also learn about Andy Warhol and Pop Art and then paint a picture of a volcano in the style of Andy Warhol.  These will be displayed in our very own art gallery.


In Computing we are Software Developers. We identify what makes a game successful, then plan and design a game using Scratch.

Later in the term we  become Toy Designers and work together to design a simple toy that includes sensors and outputs to create an onscreen proto type of our toy in Scratch. We will then pitch our toy idea to a panel.

In PSHE we  spend the first week of term thinking about ‘Being Me in My World’. We  settle into our new classes and make sure that we feel special and safe in our new classes and that they are places for everyone to learn.  We  create our Class Learning Charter and recognise how it feels to be proud of an achievement. Later in the term we Celebrate Differences which means we will understand how some boys and girls are similar and different and accept that this is ok.  We also learn how to stand up for ourselves and how to get help if we are bullied and think about what it feels to be a friend and have a friend.


In RE we learn about some of the ways Christians, Hindus and Muslims describe God and suggest our own views and ideas about God as well as identifying that having a faith or belief in something can be hard for some people.

In PE we get the change to do Creative Dance and Gymnastics.

In Creative Dance we  move different body parts, work with body shapes, develop body actions and explore floor pathways. We  also use the dynamics of strong and light music to tell a story through dance.

In Gymnastics we learn to travel using balance, rolling and shape. We use the skills learnt to create counterbalance sequences with a partner

In Science we learn about two different topics during the Autumn Term.  Our first science topic is 'Rock Detective' where we:

 Our second topic is 'Where does all the food go?' where we:

In Music we have two lessons a week, one where we learn to play the violin and the other where we learn about music.  During this term we focus on pentatonic scales and note lengths.

If you are in Year 3 we start our weekly French lessons and of course Year 4 continue to have a weekly French lesson.  We learn some basic French greetings, numbers 0-12, to ask and reply to questions such as 'Where do you live?', 'How old are you?' as well as learning songs and poems in French. It's 'beaucoup d'amusement (lots of fun!).

Spring Term 2020 - A British Invasion

Spring is here and now it is time to find out more about the history of Britain.  Who were these Invaders and what part have they played in creating Great Britain?

In History we learn about the Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.  We learn how life changed after the invasions of the Saxons and the Vikings, about Alfred the Great and about the change from paganism to Christianity.


In Design and Technology we have fun designing, making and evaluating a moving monster using a mechanical system such as gears, pulleys, levers and linkages.                                                                                                        

In Art we learn how to paint using water colour.  We will take photographs and then use these to paint in the style of Claude Monet.


In Computing we ware Musicians and produce music digitally. We use 'Audacity' to do this.

We will also be HTML Editors, learning to edit and write HTML using 'Firefox/Blocky'. 

In PSHE we think about our dreams and goals. We learn about ambition and how we can motivate ourselves to overcome challenges.  We learn to be responsible for our own learning and how to be confident and share our successes.

In PE we learn a Folk Dance and develop our skill in playing Games.

In Folk Dance we hear and use folk music from the four countries of the United Kingdom and learn simple dance steps.

In Games we learn ball handling and kicking skills. Also, we learn striking skills using a racket and a stick.  Skills learnt will be developed by playing small sided ball, kicking and striking games.

In RE well learn about the different beliefs that we find in our local area and how being a community is so important.

In Science we have two different topics.  Our first topic is 'The Power of Forces' where we:

Our second topic is 'Good Vibrations' where we will:



Autumn Term 2018 – Explore Our Wonderful World

To start off the year we go on our first learning journey, let’s get our bags packed as we are off to Explore Our Wonderful World.  

We do a lot of Geography in this topic as we use maps to locate countries of the world and major cities. We learn to use compass points and grid references on maps.  On our journey we learn to identify the equator and about the northern and southern hemispheres as well as the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We continue our exploration and look at the Arctic and Antarctic circles. We become cartographers and make our own maps.           

In Design and Technology we design, make and evaluate some world food.  We find out about different types of food eaten in different places and will look particularly at different dips and sauces.  We learn how to make humus and then, make and evaluate our own humus.  It is very tasty! We have our own street food market and parents come to taste all the different types of delicious humus we make.  Watch out for the one with fresh chilli, it is an acquired taste!                        

In Art we focus on London as a world city and visit the meridian line in Greenwich.  We make observational drawings and take photographs of the views of London. We then use these to then do watercolour paintings of our views.  Canatello is our artist study.

Writing is an important part of our topic and we write lots.  Our travel brochures make you want to visit a variety of cites and our hums recipes are so good we reckon they should be in a cook book!

Not everything we do is linked to our topic!

In PSHE we spend the first week of term thinking about ‘Being Me in My World’.  We learn how to become a class ‘team’ and how each of us can have a role in it.  We learn how different groups can learn to work harmoniously and in doing so will create our Class Learning Charter.

Later on in the term we ‘Celebrate Differences’ which means we think about how we shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ but learn to celebrate our differences and in the process we learn to accept people for what they are

In Computing we are ‘Programmers’ and we learn to program an animation using Scratch. We are also be ‘Bug Fixer’.  This means that we will find and correct bugs in programmes using Scratch and PowerPoint.

In Music we learn about pentatonic scale and listen to examples. Singing pentatonic songs, and then playing them. In the second half of the term we learn about note lengths and create our own rhythms.

In PE we do Creative Dance and Gymnastics.   In Creative Dance we move different body parts, working with body shapes, developing body actions and exploring floor pathways. We also use the dynamics of strong and light music to tell a story through dance.  

In Gymnastics we learn to travel using balance, rolling and shape.  We use the skills learnt to create counterbalance sequences with a partner.

In RE we learn about different cultures and religions found around the world. We focus on Judaism and Christianity with a topic called 'Our Beautiful World'.

In Science we have two different topics, ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ which cover and ‘Human Impact’.


In December our parents come to see everything that we have learned.  They have great fun tasting the variety of humus we have made and admiring our watercolour.  When they look through our ‘Passport to the World ‘books (topic books) they see how much we have learned about the world. 

Now we know lots more about where places are in the world and how to read maps, it’s now time to explore a country in depth.  Want to know where?  Read on then!

Spring Term 2019 – Ancient Egypt

Let’s get ready to step back in time and go to Ancient Egypt….

First of all in Geography we learn where Egypt is and key fact about the country then we head back in time to Ancient Egypt and learn about the achievements of one of the earliest civilisations, the Ancient Egyptians.  This is a great history topic and there is so much to learn about life in Ancient Egypt.  Of course a trip to the British Museum is a must as is the Petrie Museum.

In Design and Technology we design, make and evaluate our own Ancient Egyptian themed board game that will have an electrical system.  In science we learn how to make circuits using buzzers and motors so this will help us when we are making our board game. To get us started on this we explore some well know board games to see how they have been designed and made.  This is a really fun and creative topic.

In Art we learn about Egyptian death masks.  First off we go to the British Museum where we observe the masks carefully and sketch focusing particularly on the patterns we see, then back at school we use paper pulp to make our own, paint them   in our own design using colours traditional to that time. 

In Computing we are ‘Presenters’ and learn how to make a Video about Ancient Egypt using Movie Maker.  We are also 'Network Engineers' where we learn about physical hardware connections, domain names and IP addresses; exploring computer networks. We also focus on some aspects of e-safety.

In Music we learn about graphic scores and learn how they represent pitch, dynamics & timbre. We compose our own graphic score based on Ancient Egypt. In the second half of the term we explore texture and timbre and use Holt’s “The Planets”.

As always in our topics, we write lots, you will find some excerpts from Howard Carter’s diary, instructions for our Egyptian themed board game and lot of information writing about life in Ancient Egypt.

Not everything we do is linked to Ancient Egypt!

In PSHE we learn about how the choices we make can have a major effect on our health and learning and how to have the strength to say ‘No’. We learn about the impact of smoking and alcohol use.

In RE we learn about ‘Leaders and Followers’ primarily in Judaism and Christianity.

In PE we will be learn a Folk Dance and Play Games.  In Folk Dance we hear and use folk music from the four countries of the United Kingdom and learn simple dance steps. 

In Games we learn ball handling and kicking skills.  We also develop and practice a range of carrying and striking skills.

In Science we have two different topics.   Our first science topic is ‘Switched On’, all about electricity and the second is ‘Who am I’ where we learn about how to classify animals.

In French we continue to learn greetings, numbers, to talk about family and learn poems and songs in French.

In March our parents come to see everything that we have learned.  They enter our Egyptian themed classrooms and admire our death masks, read our information books and try to win when they play our Egyptian themed board games!

Our journey to Ancient Egypt is now over.  We think it’s time to come get a little closer to home.  Where next?


Summer Term 2019 – The Land of Kings and Queens

We enjoyed learning about the past so much when we went to Ancient Egypt we decided to time travel again but this time to stay within England.  We are off to visit some of the Kings and Queens who ruled the United Kingdom. 

First of all we need to know a bit more about the UK, so in Geography we learn to name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom.  We learn about and use the eight points of a compass, four figure grid references, symbol and key, including the use of Ordnance Survey maps, to build our knowledge of the United Kingdom. Then we go back in History to learn about the Tudors as a period of time in British History that extends our chronological knowledge beyond 1066.  We learn what life was like for poor and rich people as well as members of the royal family. 


In Art we have a focus on drawing, portraits in particular.  We learn how to draw heads and the positioning of prominent facial features.  We look at the work of Hans Hobein the Younger who painted many Tudor portraits and learn about the importance of portraits in Tudor times.  We visit the National Portrait Gallery to see a range of portraits.

In Design and Technology we design, make and evaluate one piece of armour that would help to protect a knight.  There was a lot of battles in the past and being well protected was essential to survival!

In Music we will learn about Tudors Song. We will use what we know about note lengths and pitch to write a song about the Tudors. In the second half of the term we will learn about musical theatre. We will sing songs from Joseph & story and learn to play these on glockenspiel/ xylophone.

As usual we will be writing lots, fact files, letters to and from the various King and Queens, perhaps even a menu for a Tudor feast!

Not everything we do is linked to our topic!

In Computing we are ‘Opinion Pollsters’ where we collect opinions and analyse the data.  We will use Google App, Excel and Survey Monkey.

We will also be ‘Communicators’ which means we learn how to communicate safely on the Internet.  To do this we will use LGFLmail, video conferencing and presentation software.

In PSHE we learn about relationships, recognising the roles and responsibilities of family members, identify skills needed to be a good friend as well as knowing how to keep ourselves safe.  There will be a focus on understanding the needs and rights of children.

In RE we learn about 'The Journey of Life and Death' and how these are marked in Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.

In PE we will learn about Outdoor Adventure Activities and Athletics.  In Outdoor Adventure Activities we will learn orienteering skills during walking activities and outdoor challenges.  In Athletics we will run a distance, learn relay, jumping, sprinting, and throwing using a javelin and shot put skills.  Skills that we will put to use in our annual Sports Day in July.

In French learn to count up to 30, the months of the year and to talk about favourite playground activities.

We will have two different Science topics.  The first is called ‘Can You See Me?’  where we will explore light and shadow.  The second is ‘In a Stage’ where we learn the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

In July our parents come to see everything that we have learned.  They enter our Royal classrooms, view our Tudor art, try out our armour and learn what life was like then. 


That’s it for this year, I wonder where Our Journey around the Globe will take us next year?