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School Lunch, Breakfast Clubs and After School Childcare Club

School Lunch

We offer children the opportunity to have either hot meals which are cooked on the premises by Tower Hamlets catering staff or to bring their own packed lunch. Hot meals provided comply with national requirements for healthy eating in school.   

In Years One to Six (Key Stage 1 and 2) meal supervisors supervise children during their lunchtime in the middle hall. Teachers who are having hot meals sit alongside the children at the tables.  Meal supervisors supervise children in the playground and we always ensure that there are qualified first-aiders on duty.

In Early Years children eat lunch with the staff who teach them and Nursery and Reception eat together in the middle hall before the older classes.

All primary meals (not Nursery) in Tower Hamlets are now offered to pupils free of charge.  This has been possible by extending the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme to Key Stage Two pupils too through the Mayor's Meals Scheme. 

Our menus are on a three weekly cycle and are revised every six months after the autumn half term break and the start of the Summer term.  All our menus meet or exceed the Government's food based guidelines launched at the beginning of 2015.

If a child has a special dietary requirements we make every effort to accommodate this.

Please note that occasionally our cook may have to make menu changes at short notice (for instance if there is a problem with food deliveries) but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

Download lunch menu here. 

Packed Lunches

In conjunction with Tower Hamlets Healthy Schools Team and a dietician we have developed a Healthy Packed Lunch policy in order to ensure that all packed lunches brought from home and consumed in school (or on school trips) provide the pupils with healthy, safe and nutritious food.

The content of our packed lunch policy reflects the requirement of schools to meet minimum food and nutrition standards for school meals.  Packed lunches should provide a nutritious, balanced diet to support the child’s learning and development.

Please click here to view our packed lunch policy

Breakfast Clubs at Globe

At Globe we run two breakfast clubs every morning and that is because we have lots of clever children who know how important it is to start off the day with a good breakfast.  If we are hungry we can’t concentrate and learn.

We run a Childcare Breakfast Club where we charge parents a fixed daily rate.  This breakfast club:

  • is based in the middle hall
  • is open from 8: 00am until classes start
  • accommodates children from 3-11
  • is charged at a fixed rate regardless of the time children arrive
  • is supervised by school staff
  • provides the following menu - scrambled & poached eggs, beans, toast, porridge, a range of cereal, bagels, fruit, yoghurt and juice
  • provides activities for the children
  • can be used by parents whenever they require childcare

The second breakfast club that we run is called Family Breakfast Club.  The food served at this breakfast club is given to us free by The Magic Breakfast Charity which deliver free, nutritious breakfast to some schools where over 35% of pupil are eligible for free school meals. We are very fortunate to have this.  This breakfast club:

  • is based in the bottom hall
  • is open from 8am until school starts
  • is free to attend
  • is open to everyone and all family members
  • must have parents or carers present to supervise the children. 
  • provides the following menu - bagels, a choice of cereals, porridge, fruit and juice
  • is supervised by the school’s Family Support Worker and Learning Mentor from 8 30am
  • is self-service, families help themselves (and tidy up!)

Bethnal Green After School Club

This is an after school chilcare club which has been based at Globe since October 2015.  The club is registed with Ofsted (EY481146) and is run by a group of qualified staff.  The club takes children from 3 to 11 years. It is not run by Globe but based within our premises, we do not allocate places or manage the provision. Children from other schools also attend.  It runs from 3 15 to 6pm daily in term time.  If you require a place, the details are below.

Directors: Lulu Grimes, Katrina Power, Chiho Sharp

Ofsted Registration URN: EY481146

Manager - Arjeta Nura

Club's Mobile Phone Number: 07593 618663