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Behaviour Expecations and Rewards

Creating the best conditions for learning: Good Behaviour

Behaviour and attitudes to learning are exemplary.’ (OFSTED 2013) 


‘Pupils work extremely well together in pairs or small groups, discussing what they have to do very sensibly and helping each other overcome any difficulties.’ (OFSTED 2013)


‘Behaviour in the playground is excellent. The pupils get on well with each other and play safely and collaboratively.’ (OFSTED 2013)


‘Monitoring of behaviour is outstanding and parents and carers are well informed about the behaviour of their children.’ (OFSTED 2013)


‘I think the school rules are really well laid out to both parents and children. Not sure how they do it but there is a real feel of togetherness in this school. (Parent survey 2014) 

Outstanding behaviour is essential at school, to enable children and their peers to learn effectively individually and collaboratively.

We insist on high standards of behaviour so that all children come to school feeling happy, safe and ready to learn. This is achieved by a clear behaviour policy and consistent re-enforcement of positive behaviour.

We always seek to promote good behaviour inside and outside the classroom to enable our children to be responsible and caring individuals. To foster positive behaviour children are rewarded through Good News certificates, Globe Award Cards, the lunchtime Golden Table, special privileges and taking responsibilities within the school community.

Occasionally, a child may not adhere to these golden rules. In order to develop a child’s learning behaviour or their understanding of responsibility to the school community sanctions are given.    If a child continues to misbehave repeatedly or if their behaviour is rather more serious, then the Head teacher will ask parents to come to school to talk about ways of resolving the inappropriate behaviour.   Additionally, in some circumstances the school will use outside agencies to support children, families and the school with behaviour issues. Finally, in extreme circumstances children may be excluded for a fixed number of days or permanently. 

Ways to support your child’s behaviour in school

  • Become familiar with the behaviour policy and school rules
  • Talk about the policy with your child to help them understand it
  • Come to talk to us about anything in the policy you do not understand
  • Be supportive of school decisions regarding your child’s behaviour
  • Talk to a member of staff if you have any concerns

Globe Golden Rules 

  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property