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Online Home Learning

What we do

We subscribe to a number of different educational websites to compliment the learning that takes place within our school.  To simplify things, we try to give each child the same username for all online resources –although passwords and other codes may be different.    

The websites available, as well as the content within them, will be different depending on children’s ages and needs.  Different staff within the school monitor the use of websites, so it will not always be the class teacher who congratulates your child for their success and determination.

At the start of each year, or when a child joins our school, a letter is sent home with details about the websites they have accounts with, as well as details about how to log on.

How to access the sites

We use an online platform called RMUnify as a doorway into your child’s digital or online learning.  To log on, click the image and enter username and password. 

If older children know the full website address (url) of the sites they regularly use, they can access them directly.


  • The RMUnify username ends with @globe
  • The school code on Sumdog is globe_2
  • The school code on AppShed is GLOBE
  • The school code on MangaHigh is 66886


MyMaths - Weekly online maths home learning

This is for children in Y1 to Y6 where teachers set weekly home learning activities for children to complete at home.  The website is and logins are given directly to children and parents when children enter Y1.  If you are using a tablet or iPad please download the free app, Puffin Academy from the App Store or Google Play Store in order that it is accessible from these devices.  A brief guide for parents is available below.

MyMaths - a guide for parents


Staying safe and keeping healthy

On some of the websites, children can send messages to other children within our school.  They cannot directly contact anyone beyond our school (including their email accounts).  Please remind children that they should always be as polite and courteous online, as they are in everyday life. 

We want to ensure that online learning is fun.  Try not to make it feel like a chore for your child but also be careful that it doesn’t take up all of their spare time.  Try to aim for around 15-20 minutes at a time and encourage your child to look away from the screen frequently. 

If you have any questions about your child’s online accounts.  Please contact


Currently websites used by the children include those pictured above



Guidance for Keeping Safe Online

Keep your children safe online leaflet

KS1 e-safety leaflet

KS2 e-safety leaflet

How social media encourages young children to travel to Iran and Iraq